Our Business

We at NOVAON sticks our key aims towards “using Media and Technical development as a foundation to generate surplus value, creating successes for our company, clients, community, and for all members”. We understand thoroughly the magnificent strength of the Internet and have been working hard on adapting such strength for the benefits of humanity – help our partner develop their business conveniently and fruitfully.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be simply known as a magnificent tool for Marketing and PR activities. NOVAON ADS – a member of NOVAON Corporation – has gained huge experiences in consulting and optimizing Digital marketing campaign for business clients from various fields with potential advertising types as: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Strategy Consultancy, SEO, Mobility, Native Ads, Wifi Marketing… NOVAON ADS is proud to be a leader in Digital marketing field in Vietnam.

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Wifi Marketing

This is one of the most effective NOVAON’s location-based-marketing products which provide a helpful channel for companies to broadcast in public’s free wifi spot, such as airports, stations, restaurants, schools, universities, .etc… This type of advertising helps clients access their potential customers in a better efficient and accurate way than ever. NOVAON is an exclusive provider for Wifi Marketing at local airport (TSN local airport) as well as the others (such as Noi Bai, Cam Ranh airport…), contributing another Marketing channel for clients to optimize their brand-broadcasting and eventually maximize revenue.

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Presented to be an Online-Travel-Agent, Bookin.vn is a product of NOVAON which was established with a target of becoming a leader “One stop booking solution for travelers”. Bookin.vn has successfully created a service that is customer – oriented, friendly and convenient for the needs of transporting-travelling of customers.

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Mobility – the booming trend that is leading for intelligent marketing with the vast number of mobile and smart phone users all over the world. Recent researches prove that: users spend approximately more than 15 hours per week to seek for information on their mobile phone; such activity may leads to purchase decisions. Therefore, taking advantage of Mobility and Advertising is an important strategy for Business/Companies, especially the Retail Business.

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IDC  – Internet Data Center

NOVAON Internet Data Center, also known as NOVAON IDC is a company that provides such products as Domain, Web design, Web Hosting, Server, Email server, OriSign (electronic signature). NOVAON IDC has been a well – known data center provider for many companies in seeking for higher transforming speed with security and faster connection IDC solutions.

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Proud to be the first Vietnamese contextual ad-network, NOVANET is another successful product of NOVAON Corp which plays the role as a middle man, connecting Advertisers and Publishers in promoting and broadcasting effective Online Marketing campaigns; in order to boost the competitive ability for companies. With a wide range of 300 publishers, NOVANET has successfully carried out over 1450 advertising campaigns for companies, reaching up to 1.5 billion views per month.

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