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First established in 2006, after 13 years  with many successes and innovations, we are proud to position our brand name in the Vietnam Internet field and Digital Marketing campaigns. NOVAON always strives to apply modern technology and the Internet developed achievements to improve the quality of life and work for people and community.


Công ty quảng cáo NOVAON ADS

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Being a core member of NOVAON Internet Corp that has been qualified by Google as a Premium partner in Vietnam, NOVAON ADS has been continously marked our brand as one of the leading companies in consulting and executing Digital Marketing campaign in Vietnam.

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Novaon AutoAds is the Southeast Asia’s largest advertising optimization platform for advertisers deployed across APAC. This is Adtech product (technology application in advertising) that helps advertisers improve the efficiency of the advertising optimization process, save costs. Up to this point, Novaon AutoAds has 25,000+ advertisers using it.

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NovaonX – The first Marketing Automation platform in Vietnam applied artificial intelligence and big data (AI – Big Data), including 6 pioneering products:NOVAONX CRM: Customer management tool; NOVAONX Chatbot: Chatbot tool and auto sales; NOVAONX Landingpage: Landingpage creation tool for high converting in 5 minutes; NOVAONX Social: A centralized social network administration tool; NOVAONX Email: Automatic email marketing tool; And NOVAONX Ads Automation: Automatic ad optimization tool. Currently, NovaonX has 20000+ trusted advertisers and many positive feedback.

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NOVANET is the first Vietnamese contextual adnetwork, providing smart Digital Marketing solutions to boost the competition ability and maximize profits for clients.

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Novaon Digital Export

Novaon Global includes 3 branches in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and 3 representative offices in Thailand, Malaysia, and India.


Bookin.vn is a potential product which belongs to NOVAON Internet Corporation. By applying potential available resources of technology and Digital Marketing experience, It is proud to be a pioneer in providing the complete travel packages, giving customers the most convenient and fastest travel experiences. Bookin.vn locates its brandname as a  leader in one-stop-solution for travellers.

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