Our People

The Corporation’s slogan: “Lightening Success“ inspires NOVAON people in the way of becoming a leader in the Internet field in Vietnam. With the NOVAON’s spirit, we always live and work with full of energy to achieve prosperity for our clients, families, NOVAON and for the society. NOVA means a star and each of NOVAON people is a star who always shines on their own.



At work

Passion and enthusiasm are our people’s core values which orientate quality and successes. Each of members understands our mission, putting all our efforts to make differences and creating renovating improvements for ourselves, colleges, our clients and for the whole society.

NOVAON people understand that the best way to determine our personal value is devoting to work. So we never stop changing, always ready to take the opportunities, be active and creative at work.


Towards our Clients

We always take the customers’ benefits on priority. With professional attitude, NOVAON people provide the most efficient products and services with reasonable cost to meet up with customers’ satisfaction, trust and credibility.

We understand thoroughly that our clients’ successes or failures are our own businesses. We always cooperate, focus 100% our efforts in fulfilling our tasks to support the Clients to reach final goals and furthermore, reachsustainable developments for both parties.


With Colleges

NOVAON members work as a team, with mutual appreciation and connection not in office but in personal life.  .We recognize the power of teamwork, working together to face with challenges and fulfill mission, contributing NOVAON sustainable development. NOVAON people have the high responsibility with the community and society; we change, we adapt, we improve and take part in developing society, with the aims toward precious humanistic value.