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We at NOVAON understand that “Knowledge is an unbeatable Strength”, thus we always work hard to bring helpful information and knowledge to our beloved Clients and Partners, with the hope to take part in the development of the society by nurturing human’s knowledge with books and good sources.

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In NOVAON News, we introduce the trends of Internet, technologies, Digital marketing from all over the world in general and Vietnam in specific. Along with those, you can also find updated articles about NOVAON – the leading Internet Corporation in Vietnam – who has been following the mission of developing Internet to improve competition ability for clients and living standards for a better society.

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At NOVAON, we treasure the reading culture because we believe that book is a precious tool, a noble teacher that helps us to access culture, human’s insights; nurturing readers’ mindset and logical thinking. The “NOVAON Bookcase” introduces book titles in specialization field such as the Internet or Digital Marketing. We hope that with our recommendations, we can spread our reading enthusiasm.

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The W.E.NOVAON Magazine – our internal publishing is a channel that links all of our NOVAON’s members together, connect our BOD with the staffs, and connect NOVAON with Clients and Partners.

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All the documents, slides, data of our NOVAON can be found here – with the information of our products and services, by which we are fulfilling our mission of developing Internet and technology, enhancing living standards for people and increasing competition ability for clients.

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